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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy! .... HallloooooowEEEn!

Happy halloween everyone!

It's been a pretty busy halloween for me, did many things, seen many things ( including mel falling into a lion trap!!).
but all in all it has been a pretty fun halloween, a bit lonely without my usual animation crew back in the "Chi" or my family, but Mel was here, and we had a blast anyways!
Also, We both made our costumes right from scratch :)

heres a few pics of our costumes and adventure into the wild-




Ariel said...

I'm a friend of murray's ... but awesome costume! (cats rule)

Jerm said...

Great stuff Shanny. Mel totally looks like she's straight out of Chronicles of Narnia.
You look awesome. Your costume looks amazing. Good painting on the mask.
We'll have to go together next year.
I'll make my tetris costume again.

Caramelly said...

haha those are great Shanel!!

Holly :] said...

Hahah! This is awesome!
You're so creative.
I wish my costume would of been as cool as yours haha.
I hope you come home soon :[ :]

~Shanel said...

thanks everyone^^ they took a lot of work but it was so fun!!

CarolineJarvis said...

hahaha! you guys are hilarious

Sara said...

AWESOME costumes Shanel and Mel!!! I had to come online to see them, they sounded so great - and the pics do not dissapoint.
Tetris Jer? That'd be something to see!