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Friday, November 03, 2006

Chaotic Animation

This is some of my animation from Chaotic episode 2 that was aired a few weeks ago. :)

I had to take the videos out unfortunatly!


keenan said...

COOOOL!!! what channel is this aired on???

~Shanel said...

fox kids :)

and thanks ^-^

sara said...

Absolutely AWESOME! You are extremely talented Shanel.

collector_cliff said...

Nice work! Would be very intrested in seeing or hearing more about your work on the show. Is this what you are still currently working on?

~Shanel said...

thanks :)

-If anyone wants to see these videos feel free to send me an email to;


Anonymous said...

Hey Shanel. I googled 'Chaotic' and your blog was one of the first things that came up. From what I've heard in the past it's okay to post your animation for personal use (portfolio, etc) once the episode has aired on TV. You should be okay to post these clips on Youtube. It's great to see so much enthusiasm from you, keep up the great work!

-Todd Ramsay