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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Cosplay + random cat pics

Hey everyone~!
its been a while since I last updated!! Not much as for art, I should definitely get on that
but in the meantime. here are some pictures! You guessed it, recent cosplays haha

This first one is from a show called "Naruto Shippuden"
I am a character named Neji- he has crazy eyes!

This is a group shot of everyone who was out that day for the Naruto shoot,
it turned out well and I was  very pleased! It turned out to be a fantastic day for the
event :)

This is my cosplay or a character simply named "L" from a show called
death note, greats series highly recommended!

This next photoshoot is just a few friends who decided to have a vampire shoot
on Halloween! It turned out great and we had a blast!
I am the one with the black hair - named JET and the one with the red/orange hair is my friend as
her character Joseph. Its hard to see here, but we had fangs and red eyes!

Here is a closer look at our red eyes and teeth, the other vamp next to me is my friend as her
character named Caterina.

And last but not least, in celebration of my cats FINALLY getting along with each other(just adopted the male about a month ago) here are a few pics of them! yay!

 This is Inego outside playing in the fall leaves, he loves it outside on a leash!

This is pretty Kiera, I have posted her before, but I really like this pic since you can
clearly see her markings and how elegant she looks :)

And another one of Inego outside in the leaves! Beautiful fall day!

Thanks for stopping by my blog everyone!
see ya next time ^-^