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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More cosplay!

Here are a few pics since I havent scanned any new art lately.
Soon ill get the ole scanner out and get some more drawings up, but for now, enjoy cosplay!

Here is another pic of my Trunks cosply, since I love it so much :P

This is just a random cosplay I put together to test out these contacts.  In the show "Naruto" the headband depicts the symbol of the village your from, and in the Konoha village(this symbol) there are ninjas with this special eye, called the byakugan.

This is my Lightning cosplay ffrom Final Fantasy XIII(13)
My friend is also a character from this game, and the character is named Maqui.

Here is a wig I'm making for my "catzy/Koan" cosplay! she was a villain in the Sailor moon series before she later turned to the good side.