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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Duct tape n' stuffs!

Everyone knows theres nothing like a duct tape dummy for a friend. At least when
it comes down to making armor for oneself. My new friend is well on its way to completion.

This is me while working on my duct tape dummy!! :P

This is my recent cosplay of Koan/Catsy, she is a character from the 
show Sailor Moon.

 Another cosplay, this character is Kurenai, from Naruto. 
Having a little to much fun, lol.

 Here is a picture of my hobocat Inego, isn't he a cutie! :)

This is a commission I did for a friend for a Christmas gift they were giving to their 
Favorite roommates!! Super epic nerdyness!

Something I *might* finish in the future, fan based art from the show 
called Naruto, this character is the character Naruto.

Last but NO way the least, is my very own Sonic screwdriver. For those of you who aren't 
*boss* enough to know what this is. It's from the show Dr who, and it is allllllll mine! <3

Sorry for the random, prolly boring post :D 

see ya later!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Cosplay + random cat pics

Hey everyone~!
its been a while since I last updated!! Not much as for art, I should definitely get on that
but in the meantime. here are some pictures! You guessed it, recent cosplays haha

This first one is from a show called "Naruto Shippuden"
I am a character named Neji- he has crazy eyes!

This is a group shot of everyone who was out that day for the Naruto shoot,
it turned out well and I was  very pleased! It turned out to be a fantastic day for the
event :)

This is my cosplay or a character simply named "L" from a show called
death note, greats series highly recommended!

This next photoshoot is just a few friends who decided to have a vampire shoot
on Halloween! It turned out great and we had a blast!
I am the one with the black hair - named JET and the one with the red/orange hair is my friend as
her character Joseph. Its hard to see here, but we had fangs and red eyes!

Here is a closer look at our red eyes and teeth, the other vamp next to me is my friend as her
character named Caterina.

And last but not least, in celebration of my cats FINALLY getting along with each other(just adopted the male about a month ago) here are a few pics of them! yay!

 This is Inego outside playing in the fall leaves, he loves it outside on a leash!

This is pretty Kiera, I have posted her before, but I really like this pic since you can
clearly see her markings and how elegant she looks :)

And another one of Inego outside in the leaves! Beautiful fall day!

Thanks for stopping by my blog everyone!
see ya next time ^-^

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More cosplay!

Here are a few pics since I havent scanned any new art lately.
Soon ill get the ole scanner out and get some more drawings up, but for now, enjoy cosplay!

Here is another pic of my Trunks cosply, since I love it so much :P

This is just a random cosplay I put together to test out these contacts.  In the show "Naruto" the headband depicts the symbol of the village your from, and in the Konoha village(this symbol) there are ninjas with this special eye, called the byakugan.

This is my Lightning cosplay ffrom Final Fantasy XIII(13)
My friend is also a character from this game, and the character is named Maqui.

Here is a wig I'm making for my "catzy/Koan" cosplay! she was a villain in the Sailor moon series before she later turned to the good side.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Cosplay stuff!! Animaritime 2011 pictures

This is  my cosplay of Trunks from Dragon Ball Z

Cosplay of Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII

Cosplay of Soifon from Bleach!

Anbu black ops cosplay from Naruto (I'm the cat, my friend is the fox)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bday card for a friend

A Birthday drawing I did for my friend!
We both recently attended Animaritime (anime convention)
She was dressed as Vegeta and I was trunks!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

ANBU black ops (Naruto)

Here is a cosplay of me and my friends!
The cat is me: Hikari-Senpai
The fox is my friend: Haiiro-Chan
The bear is my other friend: Beren-Chan
and the tanuke my other friend: Tanuke-San

Photo credits belong to: Nikolai photography

More cosplays to come in the near future! :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hikari-senpai to Haiiro-chan

This drawing is made as a collab with me and my friend Laura Wagner!
She is a fantastic artist and I cant wait to see the colored version!!!!!

I did the drawing and she will finish it with color! Can't wait :)