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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Duct tape n' stuffs!

Everyone knows theres nothing like a duct tape dummy for a friend. At least when
it comes down to making armor for oneself. My new friend is well on its way to completion.

This is me while working on my duct tape dummy!! :P

This is my recent cosplay of Koan/Catsy, she is a character from the 
show Sailor Moon.

 Another cosplay, this character is Kurenai, from Naruto. 
Having a little to much fun, lol.

 Here is a picture of my hobocat Inego, isn't he a cutie! :)

This is a commission I did for a friend for a Christmas gift they were giving to their 
Favorite roommates!! Super epic nerdyness!

Something I *might* finish in the future, fan based art from the show 
called Naruto, this character is the character Naruto.

Last but NO way the least, is my very own Sonic screwdriver. For those of you who aren't 
*boss* enough to know what this is. It's from the show Dr who, and it is allllllll mine! <3

Sorry for the random, prolly boring post :D 

see ya later!

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