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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bored @ work

Well as the title says I'm at work and bored.
sorry I havent been keeping anyone updated as of late. It has been a very busy few weeks.
recently I havent had much time to do anything on the side of work.. Today was a little less hectic then usual so I took a bit of time to sketch in flash. I know its not much.. but hopefully Ill have something a little more interesting later on.


Jerm said...

Your quick sketches are great girl. Although finished stuff is nice too, keep up the good quick sketches like these ones. Love the bow sketch.

Dave said...

You did this in Flash!? o.O Wow, nice work. Wish I could do that.

~Shanel said...

heeeeh aww thanks guys :)
and ya flash is pretty fun with a wacom/paintbrush tool