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Sunday, July 02, 2006


Shanel: Me and Melanie both got bored around supper time right after her parents left.. so we decided to take a nice stroll down Spring Garden road.. and this is where we ended up.. at the Halifax gardens! Eating flowers and terrorizing ducks.... oh and taking pictures with Mel’s lovely new camera. :)

Mel: This is Mel R. speaking... Don't believe a word Shanel says. She's good at turning bloody, gory duck pictures into nice, happy duck frolicking... Yay photoshop!

Shanel: Its true.. we actually did in fact.. terrorize them.. chase them down .. plucked them feathers and skewered them.. right there in the park.. yumm BBQ duck!

PS: This isn’t factual at all.. no ducks were harmed in the making of this post...
PPS: yum turducken

click click

Cheers from;

Mel & Shanel.. the dynamic duck skewer duo


Jeremie said...

Well, with all this talk about skewering ducks, I worked up quite an appetite. A nice roasted spring garden park duck with an orange sauce and some orageno, well now... if that's not heaven, I don't know what is.

I do have a lot of other delicious and nutritious dinner idea that you might find appealing. I am a firm believer in integrating yourself to your surroundings and living up the culture. Taking that advice in the context of the wonderful city of Halifax, here are some delectable dishes to try:

Roasted Pigeon with a dash of hobo
Wharf rat marinated in Halifax harbour water
Gottigen illicit substance toss salad
Robbie road kill served with dumpster pizza crust

And finally...

Barrington bountiful blow brownies

I'm glad I could be of assistance. Remember to come to me first for advice on big city living.

Lucca said...

i want to touch that duck's neck

Laverathos said...

That's one hot sexy foto of Mel trying to eat that flower.

Jerm said...

That's a cool looking Fraggle you were hanging out with. Not to be confused with Melanie Richard, "the woman no one has ever really seen".
Remember to keep that Fraggle out of mischief or else it's down to Fraggle Rock.

Darlene said...

Mmm Duck, sounds tasty.

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