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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Tom Petty...a horse???

So as this title says it all.. I have branded this race horses name Tom Petty... why you ask? because first of all.. his teeth.. and if you have ever seen Tom Petty's videos... youd understand! Secondly, I reallllly enjoy his music. he's an awesomely wicked musician.. and third.. most importantly.. I put a "P" on his butt.. then asked Mel what I should name him.. and she exclaimed..TOM PETTY,, cuz it looks like him!!!



Mattstro Disastro said...

I'm learnin' to Trot
But I ain't got hooves
and slowin' down
Not much rhymes with hooves.

I tried.

Nice drawing!

~Shanel said...

haha nice try :P but.... well at least you tried... haha! thanks matt!

Sara said...

Shanel - all your drawings are increadeable! You are an amazing artist. And I think Tom Petty is a perfect name for your horse :-D

B Roy said...

haaaa geee you doo post more than me...

kool drawing Shanel!


~Shanel said...

thanks Sara and Brian! I apreciate your suport! :)

PS : Brian post more often :O

Anonymous said...

whats with that banner