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Monday, June 26, 2006

Listening to Tom Petty, ya that’s right TOM PETTY!!

Been sketching parts of the day and came up with a few things, mostly cuz I was bored..
still haven’t made many friends here yet, but i'm sure that will come in due time.. Actually.. there’s a guy here named Jerry.. not sure if its a G or J .. but well just call him Jerry cuz that’s what comes to mind first. Good guy, he works with my mom.. he’s been real good to me.. helping me out with organizing my room with all kinds of cool junk, like my new computer desk :) ahaha not to forget giving me his computer mouse to borrow.. since my step dad Robert zapped mine.. not purposely of course.

And now for the best part of my day.. I GOT A JOB! wooot! where you say?
well Copernicus of course! http://www.copernicus.ca/
I am hired on but for now ill be under probation, well at least that’s kind of what I gathered.. although he didn’t actually use the word "probation" I’m ok with that though, cuz frankly I think its a silly word. So my task now is to keep up.. and work VERY hard.. cuz well I do want to improve and be a great asset to their team of skilled animators! I'll be working on things like storyboarding and keying animations, and a bit of clean up as it seems (I like clean up "seriously I do")

Well here’s a picture of me settled into my happy new room in Halifax, also a sketch of me Saturday.. full of ambition and ready to take on what Halifax has to offer!



vespy said...

a job!!!! congrats, shany!

Mattstro Disastro said...

attagirl! also, bottom photo is le sexy.

Dave said...

Nice! Congrats, Shanel.

Wow, right outta the gate too. Not too shabby.

~Shanel said...

thanks everyone!! :)

CarolineJarvis said...

OMG!!!! I'm soooooo impressed!!! That studio is bomb!!!! You are going to learn sooo much! Congrats chicky!! When do you start... email me and let me know the details! That's sweeeeet man! The guys there are amazing so have fun! We'll have to go out for drinks and celebrate when I move there in a month!!

B Roy said...

congradulations on the Job!

hope to se more pretty drawings



~Shanel said...

aww thanks Brian.. you need to post more pretty pictures aswell :P